Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool from Adobe Systems, available for both macOS and Windows. Besides, it provides a nice environment for you to work on the web, which combines with a code editor along with a live view.

Dreamweaver combines a visual design surface, known as Live View, and a code editor with features such as code collapsing, code completion and syntax highlighting.

We will use this software to teach you web design and development in view of the following:

  1. Web programming basics: HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. BackEnd Development: PHP, MySQL, XML and JSON
  3. FrontEnd Development: AJAX, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3

Objectives: At the end of this course, you will have the in-depth knowledge to 

  • Creates standard and interactive websites
  • Create Web and Mobile Apps with the latest technologies
  • Create and manage Databases
  • Manage Servers (Database and Web Servers)
  • Hardcode a website with HTML, CSS, JS & PHP

Who Should Attend? Those

  1. Who desire to design professional websites and apps
  2. Pursuing excellence and improvement in their web designing and development skills.
  3. Who want to build extra source of income,
  4. Who want to improve their ICT skills in a special way.

Prerequisite: You must acquire the following before enrolment

  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Basic Internet browsing skills
  • PC system
  • Dreamweaver Software (we can help you with this at extra cost)
  • Local Web Server (or download for a fee)
  • Basic web technology ideas

Duration: Approx. 15hrs to complete

Format In-house, Self-Pace and Virtual
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